Protect your needs and interests

Condominium and Co-op Policy


As a unit owner in a condominium or a co-op, you and the building owner may have different needs. Even if the building Association has an insurance policy for the building, you cannot assume that you will be fully covered. In fact, most Associations will require the unit owner to carry their own insurance.


Condominium and co-op unit owners insurance is necessary to insure your personal property, personal liability and any parts of your unit that are not covered by the Association's policy. 

Policy Features


Providing the added coverages that are specific to unit owners of condominium and co-ops.


Policy coverages and enhancements:

  • Loss Assessment
  • Back-up to sewer and drains
  • Identity Fraud coverage

Kingstone's condo or co-op policy is here to fill the gap between the building Associations' insurance policy and your needs.